Midcap & Company believes that we need to provide not only high quality traditional services to our clients, but we also need to look at non-traditional ways to help them succeed. No aspect of our clients business is overlooked because each is vital to their continued success.

Our service include audit, review and compilation services, tax preparation and planning services, estate planning, personal financial planning. We also provide management advisory services in areas such as accounting systems, computer technology, loan requests, mergers and acquisitions, personnel practices and wealthcare management.

Midcap & Company offers three different levels of financial statement reporting for our clients based upon their specific needs.

Audited financial statements are a sophisticated process developed by our accounting profession to provide an independent examination of a company's financial statements. The goal of an audited financial statement is to provide the general public with reasonable assurance that the financial statements present a company's financial position and results of operations in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. Audits provide credibility to the financial statements of your company and provide the highest level of assurance within our profession.

Review financial statements enable us to express limited assurance on the conformity of the financial statements with generally accepted accounting principles. The procedures used to gain this assurance are considerably less in scope than an audit and, therefore, no opinion is expressed. We use specific analytical procedures and inquiries of management to aid us in the preparation of reviewed financial statements.

A compilation engagement offers no express assurance on the company's financial statements. We take the information supplied by the company's management and compile it into a financial statement format.

We use various graphs and ratio analysis to help our clients understand the results of their business operations. The more you understand what the numbers on your financial statement mean, the better you will be able to manage you business. View samples of our graphs and ratios that we provide with our financial statements.


Midcap & Company's professionals are educated and skilled to provide a complete range of tax services. Education is a primary focus at our firm as we regularly attend seminars and conferences to improve our knowledge of the tax laws. We are prudent and aggressive when interpreting the tax laws and keep our clients best interests in mind at all times.

Some of our tax services include:
Income tax preparation for individuals and businesses,
Creative tax planning for individuals and businesses,
Representing the client at audit examinations or when notices from tax authorities arise,
Pension and cafeteria plan returns (Form 5500),
Non-Profit returns (Form 990),
Establish and maintain retirement plans for clients and their employees,
Estate tax compliance and planning,
Quarterly and annual payroll tax return preparation.


Estate and inheritance taxes may consume a significant portion of a family's estate. We possess the knowledge and expertise to develop estate plans that enable individuals to build and preserve asserts throughout their lifetime and reduce the significant impact that estate taxes present.


Midcap & Company can help an individual attain their personal financial goals by helping them develop an individualized plan for investing, asset management, retirement planning, college funding and budgeting personal cash flow.

We are pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with Midcap Investments, Limited, through which Midcap & Company CPA Firm's clients will now have access to comprehensive financial planning, investment advisory services, and a full array of financial products and services.

"Throughout the years, we have received questions from our clients about their personal financial strategies and in the past, have been able to provide limited assistance. In response to a growing number of clients requests for these types of services and changes in state regulations, this partnership will now allow us to provide full financial services to our clients", said Midcap & Company's senior partner, Ron Midcap.

Established in 1976, Midcap & Company CPA Firm is a regional firm in the Akron area. In addition to continuing to provide their traditional accounting services, the strategic partnership will allow the clients of Midcap Investments, Ltd., to access financial planning and investment services including an emphasis in the retirement planning estate planning and business planning areas.


Our combined years of business experience and the technical knowledge we have acquired enables us to uniquely provide a broad range of management advisory services. We feel these services allow us to provide a client with a well-rounded approach to servicing their needs.

Management advisory services would include:

Assisting in organizing, planning and monitoring business activities,

Develop data processing and management information systems,

Help our clients with computer hardware and software concerns,

Review the client's accounting systems and recommend improvements,

Help clients secure loans,

Advise them in personnel issues such as hiring and retaining employees. We will also assist in developing personnel practices and training,

Advise and represent the clients in mergers, acquisitions and dispositions. We also help our clients plan expansions for their company as well as downsize when practical,

Wealthcare planning involving, insurance, financial planning, retirement planning, succession planning, estate planning and legacy planning.


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