Midcap & Company strives to combine traditional core values such as honesty, integrity and fairness with today's  business environment, while keeping a progressive eye focused on tomorrow's technology and ideas.  Our team of professionals is built to give our clients the level of service they deserve and to provide them with the products and services they need.


The firm of Midcap & Company was organized October 1, 1976. With every service we offer, we bring an attitude of progressive searching. We are constantly looking for new ideas and new services that will benefit our clients. As is true of any company, Midcap & Company's MOST IMPORTANT ASSET IS ITS PEOPLE. We at Midcap & Company take great pride in the professional accomplishments and community involvement of our team. We strive to recruit graduates with records of fine academic accomplishment. Part of our commitment to quality education involves a scholarship granted through a local University.


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